Landscape and Nature Fine Art Photography by Canadian artist, Tricia McLellan.

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Eco-Friendly Policies

Earth Framed Fine Art Photography is deeply concerned with using as many environmentally conscious materials and merchandise as possible, while delivering the highest quality products. 


Fine Art Prints:

Fine Art Paper
All of the fine art papers we use are 100% cotton rag and are purchased from an environmentally conscious company. The company’s policies include an active “reduction of paper waste and greenhouse gases emission and having a wise use of water, energy and wood.” They also “favour the use of natural minerals and pigments and the purest materials to maximise the durability of papers”. Also, according to the Nature Conservancy, 100% cotton rag paper is the most environmentally friendly paper type for photographic papers.
Museum Mat Board
We use 100% cotton mat board exclusively. The manufacturer does not use the puffy white flower you would normally think of as cotton. They use the linters or byproduct from the textile industry. This wasted cotton, which would normally be discarded, is saved and used to manufacture the mat board. In the future it would be desirable to have paper and mat board made from organic cotton and/or which is ‘fair trade’ certified.
Gallery Wrapped Canvases:
Canvas Paper
The 450 gsm canvas paper is made of a poly-cotton blend which decreases the shrinkage the often occurs when applying the water-based protective varnish to a 100% cotton material.
Gift Sets:
Gift Boxes are recyclable. Please reuse or repurpose these presentation boxes.
Greeting cards are printed on 100% cotton watercolour paper and come with acid-free envelopes that contain at least 30% post consumer waste. All envelopes are recyclable.
Bookmarks are printed on 100% cotton watercolour paper. The vinyl sleeves are not recyclable but are currently the best product to protect the bookmark.
Eco-pen is made from sustainable bamboo and the plastic trim is made from 45% biodegradable materials.
Handmade paper is made of recycled cotton, silk and agro waste without destroying trees.
Shipping Materials: (please recycle or reuse)
Mailing Tubes contain 70-100% post-consumer recycled content and 0-30% secondary recycled content and are recyclable and reusable
Tissue Paper is acid free, recyclable and reusable.
Packing peanuts are made of starch and are 100% biodegradable in water. They leave no toxic waste and are FDA compliant.
Bubble wrap contains a minimum of 15% recycled plastic, minimum of 10% post-consumer content and is recyclable (and reusable!)
The liner of the corrugated boxes and pads is made of 20-30% recycled content. The flute contains 100% recycled content.  All boxes and pads are recyclable and reusable.
Protective bags for prints and greeting cards are acid-free and contain 10% recycled material. These bags are recyclable.
Wrapping paper is made from a natural mulberry and manila hemp (jute) fiber blend. Mulberry is a fast growing tree in Thailand. The smallest branches produce the best quality bark and can be harvested yearly making the process very sustainable. This paper is naturally acid-free.
Product information cards are printed on the same 100% cotton paper used for both greeting cards and bookmarks.
Ribbon is made from degradable and recyclable paper.
Banana paper contains 10% banana fibre and is a 100% post consumer recycled content product that is free of chlorine, acid and lignin. This product is completely ‘tree-free’.
Lemon paper contains 10% lemon fibre and is a 100% post consumer recycled content product that is free of chlorine, acid and lignin. This product is completely ‘tree-free’.
Download "Eco-Friendly Policies" - PDF