Landscape and Nature Fine Art Photography by Canadian artist, Tricia McLellan.

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Matting Your Art Card


Mat-Art-Card-Blue-Jay-Nature           Mat-Art-Card-Cliffs-Ireland-Landscape



How To Turn A Beautiful Earth Framed Art Card Into A Piece Of Art.


Matting and framing our art cards is a wonderful way to:
Turn a card into a present
Create a beautiful piece of art
Preserve the special words written on your card while displaying the photograph somewhere in your home or office.


Our fine art cards are designed to be matted and framed:


We believe that our cards should be enjoyed well after the initial moment of receiving and reading them. To make the process as easy as possible and to match the quality of our cards, we are offering custom cut, 4 ply, 100% cotton, 8" x 10" mats (with hinged back) specifically for our cards. Each mat is of the same quality used for our fine art prints. It is placed into an archival protective sleeve and comes with the appropriate archival adhesives. All mats will also be hand signed by the artist for an even more unique gift idea.



Purchasing An Art Card and Mat:

1. Find the card you wish to purchase and select the option "Add 8"x10" Signed Mat" to the card before adding the card to your cart.


The above is found under the price on each art card page.
2. Your signed mat will then be associated with that card and the artist will sign it in the correct orientation (landscape or portrait) before mailing it to you.
3.If you have ordered the mat and card to give away as a present, the framing instructions will be provided with the mat card for the recipient to use (and a link to this page). We recommend you place the mat into a gift bag, wrap it or put it in a large card envelope.

Steps To Create Your Piece Of Art:

1.Carefully remove the mat from the protective sleeve.
2.Using the edge of a smooth, hard object (like a ruler), press down on the card’s fold in order to make the card as flat as possible. You may also carefully trim the back of the card off and use only the print.

3. Place the card in between the two mat boards. Line up the card so that none of the white border around the print can be seen when the mat window (top mat board) is lying flat.
4. Attach the card to the back mat board using the two pieces of rectangular tape provided. Place the tape near the top of the picture on the white border. Do not put the tape on the ink of the print, only on the white border. Press the tape down firmly.
5. Rip or cut the square pieces of double sided tape so that you have 5 individual pieces. Take the backer off one side of each piece and place them around the print. This will hold the top mat down.
6. Apply pressure on the top of the mat (using gloves, a book can be used over the mat in order to apply pressure) to make sure the five pieces of double sided tape all stick.
7. Place the mat board within an 8” x 10” frame to hang on a wall or display in its frame on a table.
Note: Any model of picture frame should work as long as it is deep enough to hold the mats. If necessary, the bottom mat can be removed. Check the frame’s depth first since this would mean that the image would need to be attached to the back of the top (window) mat instead of the bottom one.