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Canadian East Coast

First Images From Nova Scotia

05 11.10

I have finally ¬†edited and uploaded the first group of images from Nova Scotia to the portfolio. Here’s a small selection of what you’ll find:

This was taken the first evening we arrived at the Cape Breton Highlands National Park in Nova Scotia. This is the Grande Falaise Mountain which is just outside of the Cheticamp campground. The lighting was beautiful and there were sweeping clouds that added to the landscape. Before taking this picture I photographed a small black bear foraging at the side of the road.

This image was taken on the “Bog” trail, which we determined was technically a fen. We met a very nice young man who was working for the park system who was very informative and impressed with the knowledge shown by my colleague and I.

Continuing up the Cabot Trail we stopped at the Lone Shieling. Not a very long hike but very picturesque. There is a replica of a Scottish crofter’s hut, a small winding river, walking bridges, stone paths and 350 year old sugar maple trees. The sun was filtering through the forest canopy, lighting portions of the rippling river. I liked the texture of the water and the shadows that were created with the light, and the natural vignette that the sun created.

In regards to the portfolio, I am planning on separating it into an initial choice of Themes or Locations for better navigation.

I’ve been concentrating my time and energy on some other necessary ¬†business areas and have been slow to add images to the portfolio or new posts to the site. Time to reorganize my thoughts and priorities.

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Tricia McLellan - Tricia McLellan is a landscape and nature fine art photographer from Canada. She has a diverse educational and geographical background which has helped her to develop a unique perspective that is expressed through her photography.

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