Landscape and Nature Fine Art Photography by Canadian artist, Tricia McLellan.


Canadian Passion In The Polar Regions

25 05.11

Paul is an inspiration to Canadians, photographers, biologists and naturalists. He is a passionate, highly skilled and creative person who is creating global awareness of the issues facing the polar regions and their inhabitants.

He has two books available which contain spectacular images:

Paul Nicklen grew up one of only a few non-Inuit in an Inuit settlement on Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada — a childhood that taught him the patience, stamina and respect for nature required for his beat in the frigid climes of Earth’s polar regions. Best known for his vivid and intimate wildlife photos for National Geographic, Nicklen started out a biologist in the Northwest Territories, gathering data on such species as lynx, grizzlies, and polar bears. Today he bridges the gap between scientific research and the public, showing how fragile and fast-changing habitats are profoundly affecting wildlife.

During the course of his workday Nicklen regularly comes face-to-face with fantastic creatures: narwhals, Arctic foxes, elephant seals, and more. His most amazing experience? An underwater encounter with a leopard seal who for four days tried to feed him penguins through the “mouth” of his lens.
“When you get in the water with a wild animal, you’re essentially giving yourself to that animal because, as humans, we’re quite helpless and vulnerable in the water. You’re at the seal’s mercy. You’re at the predator’s mercy.”
Paul Nicklen, National Geographic

Visit Paul Nicklen’s Website

Check out his bio and videos on the National Geographic Site

Eden Bayer: Are mushrooms the new plastic?

02 04.11

Product designer Eben Bayer reveals his recipe for a new, fungus-based packaging material that protects fragile stuff like furniture, plasma screens — and the environment.

Eben Bayer co-invented MycoBond, a technology that uses a filamentous fungi to transform agricultural waste products into strong composite materials. Or, as CNN put it: “In non-scientific terms, they grind up seed husks and glue the small pieces together with mushroom root.” Their products include packaging and styrofoam substitute and the now-in-development Greensulate rigid insulation board for builders. Both products require less energy to create than synthetics like foam, because they’re quite literally grown. Equally compelling, at the end of their useful life, they can be home-composted or even used as garden mulch.

“There are three principles that should govern better materials. Firstly, they should be able to be created almost anywhere on the planet. Secondly, they should require considerably less energy to produce than current materials. Lastly, they should be able to be disposed of by nature’s wonderful open-source recycling system.”
Eben Bayer,

Fans Agree – Sara Bareilles Releases Kaleidoscope Heart At The Top Of The Charts

16 09.10

My copy of Sara Bareilles’ new album arrived today from via UPS, of all things. It was promptly imported into iTunes and synced with my iPod. I really haven’t had a chance to listen to much of it but plan on enjoying it on the way into town to run errands.

I did listen to a new interview on Billboard, which I have embedded below, that talks about the song “King of Anything” while showing parts of the video. I’m always intrigued to hear the stories and inspirations behind an artist’s creation, whether it’s a visual or written art. I love her take on unsolicited advice and the fact that she calls this song a personal pep talk to herself.
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Sara Bareilles Styles Up “Single Ladies” By Beyonce

20 08.10

I absolutely love Sara Barielles and thought she really made this song her own during Billboard’s Mashup Mondays.

I often listen to Sara’s debut album, “Little Voice“, while driving or working in my office. She not only offers a beautiful voice but witty lyrics and wonderful instrumentation.

Looking forward to her next album, “Kaleidoscope Heart” which will be released on September 7th, 2010!

To learn more about Sara Bareilles, visit her website.

Nature By Numbers

08 07.10
“A Movie Inspired On Numbers, Geometry And Nature”

Artists and architects have used since ancient times many geometrical and mathematical properties: we could take some examples simply by observing the refined use of the proportions by architects from Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome or other Renaissance artists like Michelangelo, Da Vinci or Raphael.

But what is more surprising for me is that many of these properties and mathematical developments are also present in NATURE. We could find countless cases, but I wanted to refer to only three of them on this short animation: The Fibonacci Series and Spiral / The Golden and Angle Ratios / The Delaunay Triangulation and Voronoi Tessellations.

Cristobal Vila, Saragossa, Spain, 2010

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