Landscape and Nature Fine Art Photography by Canadian artist, Tricia McLellan.


Lake Huron Thaw Spring 2011

04 04.11

While I was in Point Edward, Ontario on April 2nd, I decided to try out the video on my Blackberry Torch. I recorded the ice flowing from Lake Huron into the St. Clair River. I was enjoying the movement of the ice and the sound of the gurgling water and found it to be very relaxing.

Seems as if spring is finally poking its head out. Isn’t the end of snow all together though. The following day there was rain, which then turned into huge snow flakes and then into freezing rain. Thankfully the temperature rose over night and there wasn’t any sign of that ice in the morning.

I thought the quality of the video was pretty good, perhaps a bit jumpy though. The best part of using video on my phone is that I can immediately upload it to You Tube, which is pretty convenient and a good use of my 6 GB data plan that barely gets used.