Landscape and Nature Fine Art Photography by Canadian artist, Tricia McLellan.


Amazing Skills Displayed By Asian Bear ‘Claude’

03 07.10

Alex Graham, a Canadian tourist visiting the Asa Zoo in Hiroshima, Japan, videotaped this bear perfecting his use of a ‘staff’. It would seem that the bear has spent many years training himself to actually be able to perform this well (see previous video of his earlier attempts).

It is absolutely amazing what animals can learn. This is a very complex example of tool usage for an animal with no opposable thumbs. I would say that the bear’s skills and dedication to the task would far outweigh mine. Animal behaviorists have stated that although some animals have been taught to perform this level of tool usage (seals, elephants, etc.), Claude the bear must have been extremely bored to expend the enormous amount of time and effort to gain such dexterity.
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